3M Advanced Fuel Injector Cleaner (USA Product) - Set of 1

3M Advanced Fuel Injector Cleaner (USA Product) - Set of 1

Product Code: 3M Advanced Fuel Injector Cleaner
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  • - Country of origin : USA
  • - 473ml (16oz) , treat + / -60 litres of fuel
  • - Improved fuel economy and perforrmance.
  • - Remove deposits and restore power.

The recent price increase of fuel has cost more to run your vehicle, and the 3M fuel injection cleaner will help you to save more, it provides additional power for your car and clean up its fuel injection system.

Beside fuel saving this also restore power to your car.


Country of origin         : USA

Special feature           : 1. Improve economy fuel and performance

                                        2. Cleanse from fuel injector.

                                         3. Remove deposit & restore power.

Capacity                     : 16oz / 473ml

Gas type                     : Gasoline car only.


Direction for use:-

  1. Remove the cap and seal, pour the contents into the filled fuel tank.
  2. Treat + / - 60 litres of fuel (473ml / bottle).
  3. Recommended to use 3M fuel injector cleaner for every + / - 2,400km (1,500miles). 

# Important :

Read instructions on the bottle before use.

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